• fishing gear inluding rods, reels, & tackle

  • fishing licences and safety equipment for all passengers

  • coolers with ice for your snacks and drinks

  • a wealth of fishing knowledge, experience, and stories

  • fuel

  • frozen bait


  • sunscreen- No spray sunscreens or oils please

  • hat & sunglasses (polarized are best for viewing fish)

  • comfortable clothes & slip resistant shoes (closed-toed preferred)

  • camera

  • drinks & snacks or lunch - Alcohol is fine but no liquor or glass bottles

  • towel or light jacket

  • cooler to carry home your catch

  • Gratuity for the mate (15-20% customary) and cash for live bait if purschasing


HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED ON THE BOAT? Our boat can carry up to 6 passengers including fishers, non fishers, children etc. WE ABSOLUTELY CANNOT CARRY MORE THAN 6 PASSENGERS TOTAL! This is a coast gaurd regulation. If you have more than 6 we will be happy to try and arrange a 2 boat trip for you with another trusted charter boat. 

WHAT WILL I CATCH ON MY CHARTER? Our boat is a federally permitted for hire vessel when it comes to fishing regulations. We are subject to state and local laws which change with the seasons and often not too far in advance. Fish limits are based on the number of passengers in a group. 

WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MY FISHING TRIP?   Book your trip as soon as you book your hotel! Book early in your vacation to account for possible weather cancellations. You are more likely to be able to fish another day if you book your trip at the beginning of your vacation instead of your last day in town.  If you are staying in the surrounding areas of Panama City Beach, you may want the first trip of the morning as the fish house can get backed up during busy season (May-August). Late afternoon fishing trips may not be able to pick up fish cleaning from the fish house until the following morning. 


ONLINE BOOKING: Online booking and trip deposits are required to book your charter trip. This system eliminates no shows and double bookings on our boat. If you're having trouble with the booking site, please call or email us and we will happily assist you. You will pay your trip balance to the captain when you return to the dock after your trip.  

SPLIT TRIPS: We do not arrange "split trip" or "shared" charters. It is hard to find like minded individuals to fish together. You can certainly try and find some other fishers to join you if you would like to however. 

FISH CLEANING: Our marina doesn't allow fish cleaning dockside. Your catch can be cleaned on property at Treasure Island's Seafood Market for $.75/lb whole weight. Our mate will transfer your fish for you or you also have the option of taking fish home to clean them yourself. 

SEASICKNESS: Seasickness can ruin a good day of fishing. If you are prone to motion sickness take some dramamine an hour prior to departure! Groups brought back early due to seasickness will be charged the full trip amount. 

TIPPING FOR A CHARTER: Charter Fishing is a service industry. When booking a charter trip you are paying for a service and as such you should remember that the cheapest trip is not necessarily the best trip. Choose a quality boat with quality crew and experience. You may spend a little more money but we promise it will be worth it.  Tipping for the mate of 15-20% of your trip total is customary.  We will leave this to your discretion. 

LIVE BAIT: Live bait for bottom trips is a necessity. Some species of reef fish will not eat a frozen bait.  Live bait can either be purchased separately on the way out or we can stop and fish for bait. Fishing for live bait can take up to an hour off of your fishing time. For that reason, we recommend purchasing bait. Please bring cash for bait $20-$80 depending upon trip length and number of fishers.  EXTRA COSTS Your fishing trip costs include all licenses, equipment, fuel, use of the boat, etc. Extra costs for fishing include..fish cleaning, live bait, and tips. Fish cleaning of course is optional as well as live bait. Tipping is customary. 


WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? Trips may be cancelled at any time or brought back to the dock early at the Captain's discretion due to inclement weather. You will not be charged for the time you did not spend fishing if the captain returns early or your trip is cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.  Our charter still runs in light rain and windy or choppy conditions. Weather cancellations are not typically made until the evening prior or morning of your charter. It is hard to get a good feel for weather until we can physically see conditions.